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I am a multimedia journalist currently working as a Senior Web Journalist/ Videographer with Khaleej Times in Dubai, UAE. Prior to this, I worked as a news editor with CNN’s Indian affiliate in Noida. I graduated from Syracuse University in New York state in 2012 with a Masters degree in Broadcast and Digital journalism. I have worked in video production, online journalism, features writing and market research over a period of four years.

The Best Career for your Child

By Nilanjana Gupta (NEW DELHI) – Every parent wants the best for his child, but very often forgets what “best” truly means. They think they are helping their children, but sometimes they may end up doing more harm than good. Usha Albuquerque, Director, Career Smart, says there is nothing as “best career”. It’s about identifying what your child can do best. She spills some key secrets about choosing the right career for your child.

Share your work experience

Many children don’t know what their parents do as a profession. It’s important to show a real-world picture to your child and let him know the amount of hard work that goes into acquiring a dream job. Discuss your work problems, fears and challenges with your child so that he gets a second hand professional experience. Teach him to appreciate the work of others – for instance, while eating out in hotels, let him observe the role of waiters, staff, and so on.

Give him a bag full of opportunities

Let your child try new things and discover what suits him best. Monitor his participation in school camps, hobby classes, sports, and social service. Your child should know there is world beyond school books and TV.

Identify his “real” talent

Many parents don’t know about their child’s favourite teacher, classes or his best friends. It’s important to encourage your child to share experiences with you, and be an active listener to your child’s problems, as some of them may be genuine. Discover his real interests – for instance, if he’s watching too much television, try to find what TV channels keep him engaged. If they are addicted to listening to music and playing computer games, find out if they enjoy downloading and learning about their application software. There is an option of aptitude tests, through which you can know about their career inclinations.

Set boundaries

While giving him opportunities, do not just leave an open space in front of him – it’s equally important to set boundaries. Make your child understand the activities that he can or cannot do and also “why” certain activities be avoided.

Help your child make decisions

Besides teaching him to obey rules, it’s important to develop him into a decisionmaker. Just tell him the reasoning behind any decision, and let him distinguish between “right” and “wrong” himself. This generates a sense of responsibility within him. Even if he makes wrong choices at times, he would gradually learn and grow to be independent. Create a congenial atmosphere around him where he is free to choose and decide on his own.

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