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How to Strike a Chord

By Nilanjana Gupta (NEW DELHI) – There could be a wide difference in opinion between your “modern” children and “traditional” in-laws. The trick is to be flexible and firm, in turns, as needed. We speak to people from three different generations on how to keep the peace. And love! Teach by example Meeta Mukherjee, 36, […]

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Keeping a Tab on the Flab

By Nilanjana Gupta (NEW DELHI) – Meenakshi, a Delhi-based journalist, was put on a weight-loss regime with nutritionist Dr Ishi Khosla. After six months, she talks about how she lost weight, during and after the three month supervision finished Meenakshi started her weight-loss regime in April this year with Dr Ishi Khosla, a nutrition expert. […]

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Pets on Vacation

Planning a vacation, most pet owners face a dilemma: Where to leave him? Do you take him with you, leave him with a relative or a friend, or do you send him to a creche? Then there’s the matter of safety, hygiene, care… And most importantly, whether he will take to the place himself! Here’s […]

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At the click of a button…

Shopping can literally be at your fingertips when you go online. But there are many things you need to keep in mind before you hit the “add to basket” tab… follow our tips to become a smart internet shopper You can access your favorite brands from “across the world” while sitting barefoot in your home […]

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Water Pollution, Lack of Supervision Results in Drowning, Expert says

Drowning incidents make headlines this season Drowning incidents make headlines this season © 2011 Wikipedia By Nilanjana Gupta (Syracuse) – As the summer goes in full swing, people are going to lakes and beaches for fun and relaxation. With so many people and lake activities, there are just as many ways that accidents can occur. […]

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Unemployment among Older workers at Record High

Older workers, the hardest hit victims of bad economy By Nilanjana Gupta (SYRACUSE) – According to the US Bureau of labor statistics, this year the unemployment rate of workers older than 55 is 7% which is more than twice the rate in 2007. Older persons who do become unemployed spend 52.9 weeks looking for jobs […]

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Al Jazeera Correspondent – Barnaby Phillips

This piece is a biographical sketch of Barnaby Phillips, Al Jazeera’s Europe correspondent, who has been covering news from different parts of the world for 20 years. He shares his thoughts, learning, and insightful experiences as a foreign correspondent. About Barnaby Phillips  Barnaby Phillips has been the Europe Correspondent for Al Jazeera English since 2006. […]

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A Journalist’s Guide to Egypt

This is aimed at providing a quick but intensive briefing for a journalist making a visit to Egypt. With one of the richest cultures and oldest civilizations in the world, Egypt has been the heart of the Arab world and the epicenter of Islamic learning. Egypt has long been known for its pyramids, but surprisingly […]

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Discovering Ireland

‘Go mbeannaí Dia duit’ (meaning May god bless you) said Dierdre McCarthy, 49, as she taught Gaelic to a bunch of people from diverse origins in an Irish language session in the Guinness Syracuse Irish festival at Clinton Square on Saturday. Her voice appeared to be diminished by the Irish band The Elders that was […]

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Same-Sex Marriage law in New York ‘doesn’t change their social lives’

Legal approval, a Symbolic victory By Nilanjana Gupta (Syracuse) – New York State starts issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples in less than two weeks. But Amit Taneja, Associate Director of Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender Resource Center at Syracuse University, said their social lives probably won’t change much under the new law. “The law is just a symbolic victory as […]

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