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3 Australians on 3,500 km tour for Bangalore’s underprivileged kids

My story for CNN-IBN: Three friends from Australia have taken up the task of imparting education to underprivileged children in Bangalore, even if that means a fairly dangerous adventure of driving an auto rickshaw from Shillong to Jaisalmer.

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Dragging for a Cause

A drag queen helps cancer patients through drag shows By Nilanjana Gupta (SYRACUSE) – Timothy Reitz works at a cable services company and drinks a lot of coffee. But when he puts on his make-up he becomes his alter ego Madison DeVine, a strong woman with self confidence and attitude. Dance, comedy and entertainment are […]

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How to Strike a Chord

By Nilanjana Gupta (NEW DELHI) – There could be a wide difference in opinion between your “modern” children and “traditional” in-laws. The trick is to be flexible and firm, in turns, as needed. We speak to people from three different generations on how to keep the peace. And love! Teach by example Meeta Mukherjee, 36, […]

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Keeping a Tab on the Flab

By Nilanjana Gupta (NEW DELHI) – Meenakshi, a Delhi-based journalist, was put on a weight-loss regime with nutritionist Dr Ishi Khosla. After six months, she talks about how she lost weight, during and after the three month supervision finished Meenakshi started her weight-loss regime in April this year with Dr Ishi Khosla, a nutrition expert. […]

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Pets on Vacation

Planning a vacation, most pet owners face a dilemma: Where to leave him? Do you take him with you, leave him with a relative or a friend, or do you send him to a creche? Then there’s the matter of safety, hygiene, care… And most importantly, whether he will take to the place himself! Here’s […]

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At the click of a button…

Shopping can literally be at your fingertips when you go online. But there are many things you need to keep in mind before you hit the “add to basket” tab… follow our tips to become a smart internet shopper You can access your favorite brands from “across the world” while sitting barefoot in your home […]

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Feature: A landlord who treats tenants like his children

Renters call him “Uncle Bernie” By Nilanjana Gupta (SYRACUSE) – Some landlords are out to just make money from their  tenants. But there’s one landlord in Syracuse who treats his renters as part of his family. Landlord sees Tenants as part of his family 76-year-old Bernard Gerthoffer owns a house on the SU campus and rents out eight apartments in it. But his tenants never call […]

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The Best Career for your Child

By Nilanjana Gupta (NEW DELHI) – Every parent wants the best for his child, but very often forgets what “best” truly means. They think they are helping their children, but sometimes they may end up doing more harm than good. Usha Albuquerque, Director, Career Smart, says there is nothing as “best career”. It’s about identifying […]

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For a “green” Diwali…

By Nilanjana Gupta (NEW DELHI) – Do your children look forward to bursting crackers every Diwali? It’s time for indulgences and it would be a shame to deprive them but a gentle reminder of the noise and sound pollution  — to an older child, you can quote some statistics to show just how badly the […]

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Interview with Bollywood’s Sonali Bendre

By Nilanjana Gupta (NEW DELHI) – Sonali Bendre Behl, a model, actress and now a mother of a five-year-old son, spills her beauty and styling secrets. She talks about how she keeps it simple and classic. How do you maintain a wonderful, ageless skin, being the mother of a five-year-old now! My skin is very […]

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