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Water Pollution, Lack of Supervision Results in Drowning, Expert says

Drowning incidents make headlines this season

Drowning incidents make headlines this season © 2011 Wikipedia

By Nilanjana Gupta (Syracuse) – As the summer goes in full swing, people are going to lakes and beaches for fun and relaxation. With so many people and lake activities, there are just as many ways that accidents can occur.

Drowning incidents have been making headlines recently in Central New York. Tuesday morning, a Central New York woman drowned while trying to save her children at Lake Ontario. Earlier this month, a 22-month-old boy drowned in the Skaneateles Lake… and there are many more.

Safety measures

Water safety should be first and foremost for lake lovers. Kevin Zimmerman is the Environmental Health Director of Onondaga County. He says water pollution and lack of supervision are the main causes of drowning.

“For anyone who is using a bathing beach, always be aware of water conditions… They should make sure the water is clear enough…so that they can see well into the water… so that if they have children and they go under the water… they should be able to see them,” Zimmerman said.

He said parents should not only watch their children, but they should also make sure the lifeguards are doing their job.

“Make sure that the lifeguards are on duty and not only on duty, they are actually doing life-guarding… So that they are not reading a book and they are not talking to their friends… And they are not swimming themselves for exercise,” Zimmerman said.

He said people should check the lake and beach water for bird droppings before going in, as that’s one of the main water pollutants.


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