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Unemployment among Older workers at Record High

Older workers, the hardest hit victims of bad economy By Nilanjana Gupta (SYRACUSE) – According to the US Bureau of labor statistics, this year the unemployment rate of workers older than 55 is 7% which is more than twice the rate in 2007. Older persons who do become unemployed spend 52.9 weeks looking for jobs […]

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Feature: A landlord who treats tenants like his children

Renters call him “Uncle Bernie” By Nilanjana Gupta (SYRACUSE) – Some landlords are out to just make money from their  tenants. But there’s one landlord in Syracuse who treats his renters as part of his family. Landlord sees Tenants as part of his family 76-year-old Bernard Gerthoffer owns a house on the SU campus and rents out eight apartments in it. But his tenants never call […]

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The Best Career for your Child

By Nilanjana Gupta (NEW DELHI) – Every parent wants the best for his child, but very often forgets what “best” truly means. They think they are helping their children, but sometimes they may end up doing more harm than good. Usha Albuquerque, Director, Career Smart, says there is nothing as “best career”. It’s about identifying […]

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More pets lose homes in tight economy

Finding homes becomes harder for animal rescue groups By Nilanjana Gupta (SYRACUSE) – People are not the only victims of the dismal economy. Pets are also being impacted. As more and more people abandon their pets due to tight budgets, it gets harder for rescue groups to find homes for them. More pets rendered homeless […]

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For a “green” Diwali…

By Nilanjana Gupta (NEW DELHI) – Do your children look forward to bursting crackers every Diwali? It’s time for indulgences and it would be a shame to deprive them but a gentle reminder of the noise and sound pollution  — to an older child, you can quote some statistics to show just how badly the […]

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